Teacher Things

For the past few months I have been writing content for an Ed Tech company.   Great company…super fun creating activities and seeing them come to life.They are doing some amazing things for education and I cannot wait to see them implemented in classrooms around the world. Kudos to those school districts making Educational Technology a priority and purchasing the software and hardware needed to make all types of 21st century learning available to their students.  The possibilities are endless.

My work with content/curriculum has inspired me to continue with my creative outlets and create lessons for Teachers Pay Teachers.  After researching and researching and yep- researching….I have finally begun to develop a few lessons.  I must say I was amazed at what I was able to create using free tutorials and resources! Thank goodness for Pinterest.  Here is a peek of what I have been working on…be sure to check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store when it is up and running!