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Work Lunch

What I miss most about being a stay at home mom is a “work lunch”.  Every day my husband calls on his lunch and he’s always doing things like… taking a scenic drive through the hills, grabbing lunch with a co-worker and even just sitting his car watching YouTube. I’m jealous…. my lunches consist of shoving down whatever is easiest, snacking on the remains of a three-year olds discarded lunch, or a lunch date with a three-year-old who prefers my phone to me! I kiss the days when I could lock the door to my classroom, turn on some music and just chill!! There are lots of perks to being a stay at home mom, but I miss my “work lunch”! I would love to hear your thoughts… what do you miss about work… what is your favorite way to “lunch”.  #worklunch #sahm #arbonnefizzismyfuel