Work Lunch

What I miss most about being a stay at home mom is a “work lunch”.  Every day my husband calls on his lunch and he’s always doing things like… taking a scenic drive through the hills, grabbing lunch with a co-worker and even just sitting his car watching YouTube. I’m jealous…. my lunches consist of shoving down whatever is easiest, snacking on the remains of a three-year olds discarded lunch, or a lunch date with a three-year-old who prefers my phone to me! I kiss the days when I could lock the door to my classroom, turn on some music and just chill!! There are lots of perks to being a stay at home mom, but I miss my “work lunch”! I would love to hear your thoughts… what do you miss about work… what is your favorite way to “lunch”.  #worklunch #sahm #arbonnefizzismyfuel

Teacher Things

For the past few months I have been writing content for an Ed Tech company.   Great company…super fun creating activities and seeing them come to life.They are doing some amazing things for education and I cannot wait to see them implemented in classrooms around the world. Kudos to those school districts making Educational Technology a priority and purchasing the software and hardware needed to make all types of 21st century learning available to their students.  The possibilities are endless.

My work with content/curriculum has inspired me to continue with my creative outlets and create lessons for Teachers Pay Teachers.  After researching and researching and yep- researching….I have finally begun to develop a few lessons.  I must say I was amazed at what I was able to create using free tutorials and resources! Thank goodness for Pinterest.  Here is a peek of what I have been working on…be sure to check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store when it is up and running!

From Lesson Plans to Tutus and Tantrums

IMG_0055Hi! Welcome to my journey on the Mom Life.  My name is Tristen and I am a former teacher, retired after only nine fun-filled years in the classroom. My husbands job relocated our little family from our hometown to the East Bay of CA. We left grams and aunties, friends and coworkers for a little community in the hills.  So far so good. We’re making new friends and getting involved.  Staying home with the kids has opened my eyes to the challenges of parenting…you know the stuff the grams used to do!!!  Join me on this adventure called Mom Life.